About Me

Hello, my name is Alesia Burge. I am a passionate children’s book author, notebook/journal creator, general dentist and mom. I created Diverse Baby Books as a commitment to enhancing early childhood literacy.

Struggling to find books that are inspiring and relatable? Check out our titles under the products section.

Our goal at DiverseBabyBooks.com is to provide a collection of diverse and relatable content for your little ones, as well as inspiring content for parents and caretakers.

In addition to the collection of books, we also align with authors, parents and educators to do book fairs/launches, educational programs and special events.

We are a strong community focused on improving access to literacy and strengthening early childhood learning and education.

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Let's Collab

Hosting an educational event such as a library opening, career day, black history month celebration or science fair? We would love to connect on your next project. Contact us below.

Book Fairs

We host and participate in numerous special events/book readings/book fairs throughout the year. We welcome collaborations (ie book stores, special events).


Please review the collection of books posted under our PRODUCTS section (children and parents/caretakers). Makes a great gift!


If you are an author, we would love to connect. We work with numerous authors and would love to add your work to our collection and/or support your book launch and marketing. Contact us for pricing details.

We would love to hear from you!


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